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Mixed Media 

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Web Design...

Tag Design...

Book Cover Design...



OBJECTIVE: The objective for this project was to take a car that is already on the market and completely re-brand it.


WHAT I DID: I changed the origional BMW logo and based my design around my new slogan: "It's not just a German thing." I created a poster, web page interface, billboard and brochure.


Programs Used: InDesign, Photoshop

Package Design...

Mock Tea Company and Pasta Box

OBJECTIVE: For these two projects I designed a pasta box as well as re-design a teahouse. For my pasta box, I tool my love of the Rhode Island shoreline and created RI Shells. We were required to create a logo, nutrition label and dieline as well as print, cut, assemble and photograph our box. For my Teahouse re-design, I decided to

re-brand Elephantea. I came up with a new logo as well as a cup, cd label and bag. 


PROGRAMS USED: Illustrator, InDesign

A Plus Tailors, Nature Connect Forest Therapy, Fresh Pita, Salon Deniz, BPAC & Go2Girl


A Plus Tailors, Nature Connect, Fresh Pita, Salon Deniz, BPAC and Go2Girl are just four examples of websites that I have created. I did not design the logo for Fresh Pita or Salon Deniz but I did design the logo for the rest. I had to re-design the BPAC logo. It was a pleasure working with all four clients and I really enjoyed being able to make their vision come to interactive life. Please feel free to visit their websites for a more in depth look at what I can do. 


I designed this mock clothing tag with both males and females in mind. I wanted a clothing tag that was bold and futuristic looking but at the same time soft enough to appeal to women. I really wanted my tag to exemplify my slogan Defined by you, designed by KOD.

Flag Design...

Teardrop Flag 

OBJECTIVE: The objective for this project was to design a teardrop flag that would advertise a specific brand or company. I chose the surf brand O'Neill and then applied my flag to an image of a surf shop to demonstrate how the flag would look outside of a building. 


PROGRAMS USED: Illustrator, Photoshop

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